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20+ years experience of professional digital color label printing manufacturer, focus on the production of various void security label and fragile sticker

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One-stop Solution for Security Labels Printing

Regarding security label, in addition to what you see on the website, we can also customize different surface materials, sizes, colors and outer packaging according to your needs Regarding printing, we can not only provide thousands of models of the most popular patterns on the market, but also supporting printing equipment such as digital VIP printers for inkjet and OKI printers for laser Regarding finishing,We have label rewinders for both winding and unwinding, as well as high-precision label die-cutting machines.we were born for the anti-counterfeiting label business opportunity

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Multiple Color Material

Matt silver/matt red/matt white/matt blue multiple options, in addition, we can customize material and size according to customer's needs.

security label

Anti-counterfeiting Effect

Face material will be broken at once when opened, letters then show up immediately and customers know the authenticity and non-reusability straightway

security label

Quality Assurance

Evenly and Smooth Glue,High Adhesion,No Glue Overflow.High quality face material, easy to transfer(VOID letters are easyto be transferred on products)

security label

Wider Usage

Suitable for certification,toy,shoes,healthy,cosmetic,food,wine,Auto parts,jewelry, medicine,light industry,electric,audio-video and other industries

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About Rightint

Shanghai RIGHTINT new material technology Co.,Ltd. is committed to research and development promotion and application of self adhesive materials. which widely used in different kinds of security labels, decoration products, stickers, etc. More than 20years' experience makes us know more about the real needs of customers. The global sourcing and the accurate positioning of application, which makes perfect combination of the performance and use, improving the competitiveness of products accordingly. At the same time, together with customers. we focus on developing special properties and customized adhesive materials. We are committed to building brand image, enhancing brand influence and creating more value for our customers.

Rightint specializes in digital label solutions with a focus on digital materials, labeling, adhesives, machinery, and more. We offer our clients end-to-end flexible solutions to meet specific and complicated business needs.


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Having cooperated with Shanghai Rightint Digitacompany for many years, Rightint Digital have always been our most sincere partners, specializing in supplying vinyl sticker paper for us. Rightint Digital have a high degree of professionalism in self-adhesive label paper, and their proactive service spirit is a company worthy of being Reliable adhesive supplier, we sincerely hope that we can maintain a good cooperative partnership with Shanghai Rightint Digital, and we also look forward to establishing more cooperation with Rightint Digital besides vinyl sticker paper.

American | 2020.9.8

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Nardia Chernaw

Shanghai Rightint Digital is very suitable for entrepreneurs in small printing businesses like ours. I buy self adhesive vinyl sticker paper from Shanghai Rightint Digital every week, and then sell them to my customers after printing on demand. The paper has high flatness and good inking effect. Quick-drying, the glue is very sticky. The high-quality products have brought me more business opportunities and attracted me a large wave of loyal customers. I will always choose Shanghai Rightint Digital as my supplier.

Philippines | 2021.3.2

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Ileana Martin

Thanks to Shanghai Rightint Digital. I have been in the color printing industry for many years and I have been struggling to find a suitable supplier. My business has been bleak. However, after meeting Shanghai Rightint Digital, my situation has changed. They are very professional in the field of color label printing. Demand, provide me with one-stop color label printing solution, all machines and materials are used in a complete set, and also to provide multiple sets of popular label models in the market today, which greatly improves my business opportunities

Saudi Arabia | 2019.12.9

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Franchin Zopire

The top supplier of self-adhesive paper, the product price is very competitive in the market, sticker paper is smooth and flat, and the paper has a great ink effect. It supports personalized packaging and can also help design logos. I am very satisfied with the service and quality. I hope to cooperate with Shanghai Ruiding for a long time.

U.K | 2020.5.20

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