Moving forward in the mud, there are still a group of people looking up at the stars and reaching out for the stars!

2021-09-10 | Company News

Clear target positioning, tough industry attitude; remember that the goals we set at the beginning of the year have been completed at the end of the year. This is the honor of Rightint Digital. Our export value of Vinyl Sticker paper exceeds $800. Thank you very much for supporting us. customer. Summarize the past earnestly and heartily, and set off for new goals with enthusiasm! Get the answer in the question, and the joy of receiving the goods in the result! With this joy, let us enter 2020 together. The barbecue party at the Ruiding Annual Meeting in 2020 is still fresh in memory. Although the sky is drizzling, it has not reduced our team's enthusiasm and love for barbecue. Eat, drink, laughter, we get to know each other better and enhance our relationship! With this enthusiasm and joy continued, we opened the curtain of the dinner with the loud opening of the two hosts!




In Grace's sincere and touching opening remarks, we reviewed the wonderful moments of Ruiding throughout 2019, and also strung our happiness and emotions throughout the year! Watching everyone’s wonderful performances and cheerful and lively game sessions, the climax of the dinner continued!

Dear friends, each of your brilliant smiling faces will become a beautiful note at the annual meeting. In 2019, let the past pass away. Let us welcome the arrival of 2021 with passion and love, embrace change, and move forward with determination!




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